A Recipe for the Best Picnic

One of the few things this pandemic has given me is the appreciation for the great outdoors. Spending more time outside at public parks and surrounding yourself with nature instead of crowded areas is how most people spent their spring and summer in 2020. Experiencing the beauty for myself, it is safe to say spending more time outside, whether that be with some close friends or solo, will continue onto the up coming months when the snow melts and the flowers begin to bloom. Keeping your mental and physical health in check by enjoying the great outdoors is essential for surviving this pandemic, especially if you are out of work and have nothing better to do.

Thinking of fun activities to do outside would fall along the lines of outdoor sports, outdoor dining at restaurants, and exercising in nature — but what if you’re trying to relax and take it easy? Hosting a picnic is arguably the greatest outdoor activities one can enjoy by yourself or with a small group. This will be your guide to the ultimate picnic party to keep spirits up during these tough times.

Find the perfect location: this can be anywhere from your backyard, to your local park, or travelling to a large park with exploration opportunities awaiting your arrival. Venturing outside your neighbourhood can be exciting since it gives you a change of scenery and new spots you never knew about. My favourite picnic locations are High Park — since is a large area, social distancing is easy and lots of grass areas to choose from — Havenbrook Park — close by to my home, not very crowded, and flat bike trails — and Riverdale Park East — large field with spaces to play sports and a great view of the Toronto skyline.

Pack the perfect lunch: Local businesses need our help more than ever — dealing with the monster corporation competition and city lockdowns being more common, they need our support to get them through this pandemic. Supporting local food and dessert establishments gives your food more personality and knowing your money is going to support someone’s family makes the food taste even better. Whether you’re in the mood for savoury or sweet, here are my favourite local food places to perfect your picnic. The Heartbreak Chef — a black owned business cooking up the greatest fried chicken sandwich you’ll ever experience (sorry Popeyes + Chick-fil-a) and mac and cheese that’ll blow your mind. Poke Guys is perfect if you love sushi but also want the convenience of eating it in a bowl — by marinating their fish, the flavours of the poke bowl are so delicious and fresh, perfect for a warm spring day. Don’t forget the desserts — Desserts Toronto brings together local bakeries to create the perfect box of desserts to you to enjoy. By offering contactless delivery, supporting local patisseries has never been easier! Desserts include french macarons, cupcakes, roll cakes, and pudding — a wide variety to satisfy all your friends (or yourself, no judgement here!).



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